What Is WordPress

Using WordPress for Website Building

               When WordPress was first founded in 2003, it was originally intended as a blogging website for people interested in creating articles, blog posts or simply following other blogs using the WordPress system. Over the past few years, the WordPress developers decided that it would be a good idea to branch out on their services, resulting in the creation of one of the most useful and versatile website development platforms on the market.

               Unlike many other website providers, WordPress provides its customers with two main options; the free website developing software and the paid software. These two types of software differ in that the free version still has access to many of the features via the WordPress plug-in function, but users will always have a ‘.WordPress’ present within their URLs. Although many people are OK with this, some opt to pay for the URL to be one of their choice, which also opens their capabilities up to a whole new digital playground and more SEO functionality.

               Users are first provided with payment options where they are also allowed to decide on which sort of contract or policy that they’d like to take out. From annual web hosting to multiple years included within a contract, website owners can literally start from the ground up. Even if users have decided that purchasing isn’t an option that they’ll consider, then the options available to them are still as versatile as for those that pay; minus a few features, such as specialist commercial plug-ins for online stores.

               The entire process is very straightforward, with WordPress more than making up for its origins as a blogging website by implementing a range of functional plug-ins that allow users to enjoy all of the key benefits and features that they’d expect from leading website development tools. What this means is that although WordPress may be unable to perform their services in the same way as other web developing tools and systems (freedom of movement when designing and so on), they make up for it by implementing plug-ins that allow certain things to operate in certain ways, ecommerce features that will allow online stores to be built and managed and even promotional and marketing materials that make WordPress fully compatible with many forms of social media.

               What customers are provided with now is a securely encrypted, professionally developed and fully functional website developing system that provides hugely versatile customization options, all with cross-platform compatibility and easily managed to make sure that users with all experience levels are able to build their very own website both in terms of design and SEO.

               WordPress haven’t lost their abilities to provide top quality blogs either, in fact they’ve done quite the opposite; with even more features and functions for bloggers than ever before. Now, people are able to decide on what they intend to use WordPress for and then have the option to pursue their website development in their own way; for eCommerce and sales, for blog posts and articles or for anything else that they can imagine.


In The News Update

New Facts About The Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

Since the public became aware of the dangers of smoking, many people are still trying hard to quit tobacco. Companies have come up with numerous products such as patches, gums, and pills to help people give up smoking, however, these products have not been as successful as electronic cigarettes. In this article, you can learn more about these e-cigs and how they can help you stop smoking.

The electronic cigarette is the latest product on the market and is designed to look and feel just like a real cigarette. Even though you can get artificial smoke through these e-cigs, they do not contain any tobacco. Some varieties of e-cigs let users inhale nicotine vapour without endangering their health as the tobacco smoke does not contain carcinogens.

E-cigarettes are in actual fact vaporizers. They work by heating up an e-liquid, which turns into vapor before it is inhaled. You will never have to worry about losing your lighter as there is nothing to light up. The e-cig works on lithium battery and the cartridge is filled with liquid, an example can be found at v2 cigs website for example.

When puffing on the e-cig, the lithium battery charges the device to heat up the liquid and turn it into vapor. What you get as a result is a smoke-free, tobacco-free, and odor-free smoking experience without all the adverse health effects that are associated with cigarettes. You can choose from different flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, or bubble gum. Additionally, most non-smoking places still allow e-cig smokers to smoke inside their buildings and you can buy e-cigarettes without the kind of restrictions associated with tobacco.

Some manufacturers also offer ultralight cigs that come with various cartridges. These cartridges contain flavored liquid that is nicotine-free. The best electronic cigarettes products are ideal for people who are trying to quit smoking without going cold turkey. You may find these e-cigs online at reputable suppliers’ websites. Make sure you check the credentials of the seller before purchasing your e-cigarette.